Sunday, July 21, 2013

David & Sarrah : Mr. & Mrs. Congeniality

We were greeted by a Happy & Carefree David & Sarrah on that early 13th April Morning. 
7:00 AM early. While most of Metro Manila were only starting to wake on that Saturday Morning, these two were already up and about. 
As guests started to arrive at the Church, David greeted everyone by name, and with a giant smile. 
He introduced us with easy grace and ease.
After the solemn ceremony, the couple even had a surprise number prepared for their guest, showing off their acting and dance prowess!

Prep Venue : La Breza Hotel
Church : Parish of the Twin Hearts of Jesus & Mary
Reception : Patio Ibarra
HMU : Realm Hair & Make Up
Photo & Video : RJM Photography
The Beautiful Bride during her prep
The Groom's Prep Photo
The Bride : On the way to the Church

The Newly Wedded Couple after the Ceremony

The Surprise Number!

Congratulations to this happy happy Couple!

Lloyd & Krystel : A Victorian Themed Wedding

Although I posted this only now (6 months later!) I will still remember the heady feeling of watching these two get married.
It's an evening wedding, which means the dreamy lights & the Cool December weather sealed
a perfect 15th of December.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception : Fernbrook Gardens
Prep Venue : The Bellevue Manila
Photo Credit : Luminosi Studios
HMU : Dior Co

The bride with here beautiful Entourage :)
As she walks down the aisle of the Notre Dame De Vie Chapel

When the couple said their I do's
The Vintage Bridal Car provided by Don Roberts

Congratulations to this beautiful couple! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sunshine through the rain :) Jeff + Lea

The biggest hurdle in weddings are the ones you cannot control. The Weather tops the list, especially when you've been planning a garden wedding.

This is the hurdle that it seemed Jeff & Lea would face. On October 25th, The day before the wedding, The rain came down by the buckets. It didn't seem like it would stop. Although the reception was covered, it was open enough that the rain will come from the sides.

But you just know that it is meant to be when we all woke up on October 26th, and a hint of pink & orange was peeking from the Sky. :) God indeed is good :)

Church : St. Peregrine Laziosi Shrine, Muntinlupa
Reception : Villa Leonila, San Pedro Laguna
Photography : Abbey Manila

Their Motif was Teal & Plum :)

After their I Do's :)

 Blissful at the Reception

 And yes, we even got to do the most awaited Lantern Release. God is Good! :)

Cheers to Jeff & Lea! A truly Blessed Couple! :)


From Pampanga, with love! :) Mike + Steph

Mike's from Pampanga. Steph's from Makati. Yes. A long distance relationship that actually ended up in marriage. :)
I will admit that before these two, I always doubted the long distance match up. When I heard their story, I was very happy to be proven wrong.
The Bridal Gown at Marriot Hotel (Prep Venue)

A very heartfelt ceremony at the Santuario de San Antonio, Makati
And an enjoyable & fairytale like reception at Gloria Maris, CCP. The Cherry Blossoms & Lights was perfect :)



Here's to the Perfect & Happy Couple! :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Simple & Perfect : A Summer Wedding

Clear Skies : Check!
Less Chance of Rain : Also Check!

This is how it was for the Magalona - Gumabay Nuptial last April 13, 2012.

Prep venue : Vivere Suites
Ceremony & Reception : Stonecrest BiƱan Laguna
Photo & Video : Richard Dela Llarte
 The Bride at Vivere Suites

The Excited Groom

The Eager Guests at the venue

The Couple during the Ceremony

And the Dove & Lantern Release

Cheers to Both of you! :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Souvenirs : What to give to avoid wasting money

Souvenirs that I managed to keep
Back in our old house, I had this small bedside table full of Souvenirs from debuts, weddings, baptisms that I went to. When we moved, I threw them at the trash without a thought. They were so dirty that I couldn't bear putting them in my new room.

Full of dirt and bended
Yes this will happen to your souvenirs too. That pretty candle that you chose very carefully will most probably wind up in a sad corner of your guest’s home forgotten, which is why its high time for you to rethink the souvenir for your wedding or debut.

Its time to think about souvenirs that are NOT dust collectors.
One idea is that you give them edible souvenirs. In my wedding I gave away small boxes of Kisses Chocolates. Guests ate the chocolates and they can also reuse the box to put their small stuff at home. Some people give away Cupcakes or Cookies. This will ensure that your guests enjoy the souvenirs and not have it rot in their houses. 
Gold Box with Kisses inside

Souvenirs from Bizu

Souvenirs from Bizu

 Ok you might say that the point of the souvenir is that when they look at it they will remember your big day, but if you think about it, almost all your guests will bring either a camera or a video camera which will be what they look at if they want to remember the day. Figurines, candles are unfortunately again, dust collectors. Think about it, do you or do most of your friends really keep the souvenirs and store them properly?

Another popular idea is a Photobooth. Filipinos in particular love pictures. Take pictures in the booth with your friends, they will love it. Also these photo booths have a lot of props: Big Glasses, Colorful Wigs, Big Hats etc.
Photoholic for instance have more than 50 props provided. Print outs per shot is available and they will upload the shots in their multiply account for you to reprint if you wish or for you to share in your facebook.
Here are some:

Check the website and see for yourself . They can also create a personalized backdrop for you.

And again rethink your souvenir options. Souvenirs still cost money. Do not waste your hard earned cash in something that will most probably just end up in the trash.  

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tips in Choosing the Color Theme for your wedding

Some women when you ask them as to what color theme they want to use would already have an answer. I have a friend that would definitely choose Royal Blue and Silver when she gets married, she knows what she wants for as long as I’ve known her. But there are quite a few brides who aren’t sure as to what to choose, or how to choose. If you’re one of them, here are some things to consider when choosing your color theme:

First of which : What mood are you going for?
    • Are you going for Vibrant mood? If you are you might want to consider Red and Orange. Red is a bold color, while orange is warm, making it a perfect combination for those who want the colors to really pop. 
    • Going more for a Classy, Elegant feel? Try Gold and Bronze. The thing about Gold and Bronze is that it is not over powering. I personally chose this for my own wedding, because it looks very stylish and pristine. White flowers for the reception with Gold linens and candle light. Pefect.
Photos by Smartshot
    • Are you eying a light, carefree vibe? When you imagine your wedding, you want something cool on the eyes. Colorful but subtle at the same time. A lot of colors will fit the bill but I think Pink and Peach is pretty cool and fun. 

 Another thing to consider : Where will the wedding be held? Going by my examples above, Gold and Bronze is definitely for indoors. If you're going for a garden wedding during the summer, why not go Yellow, Orange and Green? A combination of Bright, Warm and Subtle hues would look picture perfect.

These are just some ideas that you can consider. Obviously there are a lot of colors to choose from, but remember that whatever you choose, it has to be something that you really want.